Project Progress Review - Integrated 4D BIM

What is 4D BIM?

4D Building Information Modelling (BIM) is the process of using 3D models, combined with time and schedule-related information such as programmes, site surveys and logistics models to create a virtual construction sequence. To put it simply, 3D models + time information = 4D.

A 4D model is a simulation of construction activities. In L&T Construction amongst few of the integrated platform we use, Bexel Manager is one of them. In this article we are explaining the process by taking examples from the projects in which Bexel Manager is used as Integrated platform.

The integrated 4D model is used by project team to help visually plan, design and construct-built assets. Ultimately, 4D enables project teams to coordinate resource, improve communication and make informed decisions during the project lifecycle.

4D BIM Model

Integrated BIM Platform

Integrated 4D BIM Model

Use of a 4D BIM model in an integrated platform provides a convenience to view schedule & model parallelly at the same time, which enables site execution team & management to keep track of construction progress.
Also, which enables site team to keep eye on challenges which may take place in site during the execution of activities with respect to deadlines.

DPR / Actual Site Progress – Bexel Online Viewer

Bexel Online Viewer help site engineer to easily record progress of daily activities taken place in site, also, it helps site engineer to visualize 3D model while performing construction activities.
Bexel Online Viewer enables BIM Co-ordinator to easily do progress entry & keep track on what is done & what is to be done.

Progress Update – Integrated 4D BIM Model

DPR – Bexel Online Viewer

Delay Analysis – 4D BIM model

Using Delay analysis available in integrated BIM platform, we can get the status of project progress, that means whether the activities got completed ahead of time, on-time or delayed and due to which we can also predict the forecasted activities status.

Delay Analysis – 4D BIM model

Colour and Time based 4D Review process

During project progress review it is important to visualize both
  • Completed Project activities.
  • Lookahead for Next 3 months.

4D Review Process - Completed & Lookahead Activities

Since visualization is key factor in any construction, it is helpful to do progress review by providing colour coding to completed & forecasted activities. This gives reviewer a clear understanding on what activities are completed & what activities are planned for next 3 months.

Colour and Time-based review using 4D integrated BIM model