Field BIM Implementation using Fuzor


The utilization of Fuzor has been invaluable in enhancing visualization across various projects, particularly in the areas of site logistics, construction analysis, and Digital Rehearsal. Fuzor's ability to reduce model size while preserving render quality is commendable.

It has notably contributed to significant time and cost savings by minimizing the manhours required for creating realistic rendered walkthroughs and dependency on external professional agencies.

Authored by
D. Kishore Kumar
Sr. Manager (BIM)

"since all our projects are city based - logistic challenges are well demonstrated using this tool for better understanding, optimized solutions are derived especially for brown field projects."

S Madhu Anand


Tender Stage

During the tendering/bidding process, as a general contractor we need to do technical presentations to client. Explaining the sequence of activities, specific Project logistics that would be followed for efficient execution of activities, safety rules that would be adhered to and so on. For this purpose, we use Fuzor content library and add on top of the Schematic model prepared by our design/ Construction methods team and generate rendered video animations. This helped the tendering team to easily demonstrate and convince client in making them understand the construction methods that we intend to deploy during construction stage.

Site Logistics visualzation

"In challenging site conditions, like IKEA GMP Gurugram, logistics with men, material and vehicle movement were demonstrated using Revit 3D models with Fuzor's animation capability. This capability to animate the construction methodology and logistics in-house with Revit 3D models helps to reduce the dependency on external vendors, animation time and to deploy for more tender / operating projects."

Manoharan Ganesh Babu


Design Stage

Project Architects have different views that need to be conveyed to Clients and other stakeholders for better coordination and seamless execution. This is difficult with traditional presentation and image depiction methods. So we tried to use Virtual reality technology to virtually demonstrate the Project views and finishes to client and other stakeholders during early design stages.
This helped in better decision making by client and thereby reduced rework during mockup approvals and further changes during execution phase.

Design model review through VR

"Exporting a Revit model to Fuzor and adding the date in VR provides a dynamic and time-sensitive visual representation, aiding project teams in tracking and comprehending design changes over time."

Partha Kinkar Roy

BIM Coordinator, CCS Project

Construction Stage

Safety Induction

We used Fuzor VDC to create rendered images and videos of the hazardous situations involved during construction stage. This helped the safety team to demonstrate the situation in a better way

BIM for Safety

We also used Fuzor to export the VR .exe executable files of the same and enabled the Engineers and workmen visualize the same in VR mode. This helped the team to understand the scenarios better and gain more insight on the precautions to be taken during execution.

Method Statement

Fuzor content library and sequence animation features were used to depict the method statement of critical activities in a visual way. This allowed the Project teams to eliminate the need of presentation using old pictures and text based explanation of sequence of steps.

Method Statement - Pile Drilling

"Through Digital Rehearsal, one gains the flexibility to anticipate a range of unforeseen issues that might arise during site execution. By preemptively addressing these challenges virtually, it results in cost reduction and time savings in practical scenarios."

Aravindraj CM

Assistant Manager BIM

Progress visualization

We clubbed Fuzor’s rendering and 4D capabilities to visualize the actual progress of site in a more realistic but virtual way. This enabled the management team to have a better understanding of the site progress even without visiting the Project site.

Actual Progress represented on BIM

Plan vs Actual progress

"Field BIM deployment at BIAL T2 project has immensely helped the execution team in understanding complex interfaces which are otherwise difficult to understand from 2D drawings. We used rendered animation using FUZOR to make it more interactive for the execution team members in planning sequence of works in complex situations like MEP services execution in a congested services corridor in the HOS (Head Off Stand) Road around North & East Piers as well as those in Garden Pavilion and Forest belt areas of the terminal 2."

Santanu Guha

SR. DGM (Civil) BIAL T2

Sequence Animation

Occasionally we need to demonstrate macro or micro sequence of activities to be executed to the Project team. In few cases, we need to demonstrate to client on the sequence of steel erection activities. In this regard, we used Fuzor’s 4D and sequence animation capabilities to render sequence animations. This allowed the project team to seamlessly demonstrate and take approval on the sequence and methodology to be followed for erection activities.

"Fuzor’s VR tool let us connect to the VR Environment which further can create design scenarios that mimic the real world circumstances to be created."

Rajib Kumar Sahoo

Assistant Manager BIM - DIAL Project

Sequence Animation

"Fuzor enhanced the utilization of 3D Design models with more realistic rendering, VR visualization, site logistics simulations and digital rehearsal."