Trimble SEMINAR – Engineering and Field BIM Solutions

The Digital Engineering team at L&T Construction focuses on strategic BIM implementation, integrating digital technology, standardizing processes, and collaborating with BIM technology partners for improved project outcomes. We work on enhancing projects from conception to handover and operations, utilizing innovations in BIM software, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and other digital solutions.

BIM Academy as a knowledge hub offers training courses, seminars, webinars, and certified programs to employees to enhance their skills and knowledge in BIM technology and processes.

Trimble Inc., a key technology provider, conducted a seminar on June 6, 2023, at Mortensen Hall, Convention Centre, Manapakkam campus, in association with BIM academy. The event attracted over 200 learners from diverse backgrounds.

Authored by
Roshini RK
BIM Academy Coordinator

At the beginning of the session, Participants had a hands-on experience with AR technology using iPads and Trimble Connect software. They learned about its benefits, including time and cost savings, and its offline functionality.
Mr. K. Veerappan (VP & Head -EDRC, B&F IC) & Ms. M.F. Febin (Business Head – College Connect, L&T EduTech) were the guests for the occasion. KVP was glad to see the enthusiastic gathering, showing their interest in technology. He mentioned DIAL as L&T's first BIM-deployed project.“I am always looking for some new technology. This is how my bosses mentored me”

AR Demo during the Seminar

Mr. KVP highlighted “I am constantly on the lookout for new technology. My bosses, Mr. Kannappan and Mr. Shekar have always been technology-focused individuals, which is how we evolved into the people we are today. In fact, we were given deadlines to complete projects with no drawings.

We are currently producing 2D drawings solely through BIM and working in a Common Data Environment using the BIM 360 platform. Everything is possible here, from visualisation to project monitoring. With new emerging technology, anything is possible.”

Ms. M.F. Febin recollected her reminiscence working as a first lady PGET in EDRC as design engineer in 1994.

“Today, BIM is a way of doing projects, L&T will always be the first to jump into anything that is new and will be pioneering in these technological advances.
She stated “when we did civil engineering, we only worked in the civil field, but that is no longer the case. We discovered the hard way how electrical and HVAC inputs will arrive because which we are now a multidisciplinary engineer”.

Mr. Harsh Pareek, Regional Sales Director of Trimble Solution took over the podium virtually and said that “Trimble is all about connecting the digital world with the physical world, it’s not only about software but it’s like bringing every milestone together to the last milestone”. Trimble's digital platform is based on three core principles: constructability for visualizing projects, a fully constructible virtual model, and stakeholder collaboration for successful construction.

Trimble team explained how they have improved project accounting and analysis through real-time data, ensuring accuracy, safety, and productivity.
The seminar showcased tools like Trimble SketchUp, Tekla Structures, and Trimble Connect for efficient project coordination. These technologies empower professionals for successful projects in construction with quality and innovation.

As L&T continues to embrace technological advancements, Trimble's commitment to progress in the construction industry promises a more connected and advanced future.

The key learnings of the seminar are

  • Introduction to Tekla products
  • Steel Fabrication Workflow, Cast in Situ Concrete with Reinforcement, Formwork and Scaffoldings, Tekla Structures’ Interoperability – open BIM
  • Tekla Structures for Bridges and Tunnels
  • Trimble Connect for Coordination and progress monitoring
  • Trimble Field Solutions overview