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L&T Central BIM Component Library: Standardising Data in BIM Models
  • BIM supports a project throughout the whole of its lifecycle, by ensuring data-rich information is within easy reach of project teams and clients alike. For BIM data to give downstream benefits, attribute data contained in the BIM components or objects needs to be described in a consistent manner.
  • BIM data and content, if centralised in a cloud-based library, allows for seamless sharing and re-use across project teams. To increase our project teams' consistency and efficiency across the organisation, all members need to be able to see what BIM objects from past projects are available in the central library and utilise them rapidly, to re-use authorised designs in new projects.
  • Also, as the data contained in these components are standardised, they can be used for down-stream usage of quantity extraction, linking with construction schedules and O&M data required for handover.
  • The Central BIM Component Library is a growing repository of BIM components, with easy to search features, which will benefit any new project to get mobilised quickly by harvesting components from the library.
  • In future, we also envision that the Central BIM Component Library will also enable collaboration with manufacturers.
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