Our Services at Digital Engineering BIM team

  • L&T 4D & 5D BIM through which we can deliver key business outcomes by connecting various parts of an organization’s data together, mining it for insights  and then using it for informed decisions.
  • L&T BIM Process Framework to establish consistency to the way information is produced and shared to bring about the integration, offering repeatability and scalability.
  • L&T Central BIM Component Library  helps in setting up structured  data to aid the integration.
  • L&T BIM Academy imparting the right BIM competency development to leverage the benefits of BIM across the project lifecycle.
  • Project BIM Initiation and Implementation service helps projects to get set up on BIM on the right note and implement BIM through its life cycle.

Upcoming BIM trainings

L&T BIM Academy and Experience Centre is established with a mission to build skills and competencies among L&T professionals and then to implement BIM at L&T Projects. Regular trainings and awareness sessions are performed on BIM technologies and standardized BIM implementation. This initiative is overseen by the Digital Engineering Division of L&T Construction.

Latest additions to Central Component Library