L&T - BIM Process Framework
L&T BIM Process Framework – A Guidance, High Level BIM Process Framework Following ISO 19650
  • L&T BIM process framework provides a high-level framework of BIM processes, following ISO19650.
  • A consistent BIM standard in the organization for how project information is captured, shared and transferred between all project stakeholders
  • Covers all stages of a project from bidding to handover
  • SOPs define the information inputs for a process, how the process needs to be executed and information exchange as an output.
  • Further SOPs will be added based on requirements of ISO 19650 and internal requirements
Benefits of Consistent BIM standards
  • Facilitates quicker BIM adoption and implementation by the organization
  • Better control over quality and achieving financial and strategic expectations
  • As the standards align with ISO 19650, this will ensure compliance with ISO 19650 requirements on a project
  • Will facilitate ISO 19650 certification journey
  • Will ensure BIM data being produced is dependable and accurate
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